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What Is The Difference Between Altitude Tents And The O2 Trainer?

December 08, 2018 2 min read

When people are talking about the o2Trainer, oftentimes they also mention altitude training. Since we have noticed that there seems to be believe that the o2Trainer sparks red blood cell concentration we want to shed some light on the difference between altitude tents and the o2Trainer.

Altitude training became very popular after the 1968 Mexico Olympics and is a part of thousands of elite athlete’s training regimen to this day.

The concentration of oxygen at higher altitude is less, which impedes with an athletes ability to train at his or her optimum capacity. The body starts to adjust to this lack of oxygen by increasing the count of red blood cells, which are the primary means of oxygen transportation in the human body.  When the athlete returns to ground level he gets increased endurance from the temporary increase in the number of red blood cells.

Many believe that the correct way to do this is to train at sea level and recover or sleep at high altitude, which will give the body the same adaptation or close to it. This is why many Olympians use altitude tents, where they can set oxygen levels.
They live in an “altitude home” which is build at sea level, eat, sleep and do everything else in the home, and train at sea level since training at high altitude gives you less productive workouts (less oxygen for the brain slows everything down).

But this is not what the o2Trainer does;

The altitude tent will give you more red blood cells but won’t make your lungs stronger.

The o2Trainer is based on a very simple yet powerful concept. By controlling the air INTAKE to your lungs, you immediately begin breathing the right way – using your diaphragm (belly). The smaller the hole on the air INTAKE side, the harder your lungs need to work to “pull” the air in. As you pull the air in through the O2 Trainer, focus on using your diaphragm muscles, (the muscles between your chest and abs). You are training your lung and diaphragm muscles, and thus making them strong.

Some of the athletes who have trained with Bas have improved tremendously:

“I had a Mixed Martial Artist from Holland, which is sea level, trained three months with the o2trainer, came to Denver (mile high), arrived on Thursday and Saturday he fought a guy from Denver who lives and trains there, he beat him in a ‘conditioning battle’.”

Theoretically he thinks that the combination of the two might be really effective:

“ When athletes want to sleep in the tent, I say use the o2Trainer in your workouts, The combination will be insane and will make a huge difference, I mean, bigger stronger and more productive lungs AND higher red blood cell count? Crazy! “