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O2LungTrainer Breathing Exercises

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How To Use The O2LungTrainer


This is Bas Rutten, please watch the video and then read the instructions below it. This information is different than what the manual says, so it’s very important. Thank you!


Breathing exercise 1.




The reason you lean forward in the beginning of this exercise is that you crunch your belly, therefor you can’t use your belly to inhale and you automatically use your back muscles (which you use for breathing as well) then when you start coming up straight you start using your front and side core/diaphragm/intercostal muscles (muscles between your ribs). This way you use all your “breathing muscles”. This exercise pays most attention to the front and sides of your core/diaphragm.


Do you know that only 5 out of a 100 people breathe correct?


The o2trainer will actually force you to focus on your front and side core/diaphragm muscles, and because of this your breathing technique will become much better, you will notice this immediately after using the o2trainer for the first time.,


On top of that your breathing becomes much more powerful and that’s a great combo, technique and power!


You sit down for both breathing exercises




Find a resistance cap with which your 30 repetitions will take about 3:15-4m to complete. For most people it's cap #9, #10 or #11


Every week "time" your session, this way you see your progress since you will find out that you are doing it faster every week since your inspiratory muscles are getting stronger.


Once you go below 3 minutes, go to the next resistance cap.


Again, “quality” beat “speed” every single time, focus on your technique!


Once you go below 3 min with that cap, go to the next one, etc


If you can do cap 14 (the toughest one) under three minutes, start adding reps to go over the “three-minute work time”.


Like myself I do cap #14 in 2:15m, so I add 8–10 reps to make it a "three minutes workout"


-One more thing for the athletes here who compete in whatever sport you need endurance for


If you do this exercise twice a day for 6 weeks, (after that you can maintain it by doing once a day) you will get rid of all your lactic acid in your core.


THAT, will do wonders for your stamina since all the muscles in your whole core will be relaxed, meaning, you can expand your chest more and therefor pull the maximum amount of air in them.


Breathing exercise 2




This exercise really focusses on your back muscles that breathe for you as well. In combination with exercise #1, you will be using your entire core muscles (front, sides and back).


Breathe out, place o2trainer in mouth and inhale with explosive power while slowly leaning forward as I show in the video. While leaning over, (elbows on your knees) you keep breathing in while focusing only on your back muscles. You should feel the muscles in the center of your back between the lower part of your shoulder blades and below that.


Same as with exercise 1, find a cap with which it will take you between 3 and 4 minutes to complete your 30 reps, once you go below 3 minutes, go to a higher resistance cap, etc


You will really feel your back muscles being tight the next day after doing it for the first time, that's good sign because that means you were not using your back muscles to breathe with, but now, with this exercise, you will!


As for myself, I alternate between both exercises, one day I do #1, next day #2, next day #1 again, etc


Join Bas Rutten’s O2LungTrainer Boot Camp


Please join Bas Rutten’s private Facebook group named Bas Rutten’s O2LungTrainer Boot Camp – simply send a request to join and Bas will let you in. Once you join, you will see Bas posting every day (since last year May 2018) time lapses of him doing his 30 reps in hopes this will inspire you to do the same!


You will also read the results of other users and find out that it is not only Bas whose inspiratory muscles are getting really strong.


Don’t break the habit


If you miss a day here and there, that is no problem at all. Just go back to it, don’t break the habit!


If you are an athlete or training to compete


If you are an athlete and you are 6 weeks (or more) out to an event in where you have to compete, start doing the breathing exercise twice a day for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks you can maintain this with once a day.


Doing this will take care of the lactic acid build-up in your core and that will do wonders for your stamina since all the muscles responsible for breathing will be completely relaxed and you will be able to breathe with no resistance at all.


Because, when your muscles are tight or filled with lactic acid, you can’t expand your chest/diaphragm/core as much, and since those muscles are responsible for filling up your lungs with air, you can pull in less air than when they are relaxed/lactic acid free.


Godspeed and Breathe on!

-Bas Rutten


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