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Famed Athletes Seek Out High Performance Breathing for Training

December 08, 2018 1 min read

While breathing is something humans do every second, it can also be a secret weapon.

Practitioners of Yoga, women in labor and those who are stressed use deep breathing to relive tension and pain. Taking breaths through the nose also has many practical applications for athletes.

Playing sports is psychically demanding and athletes breathe through the mouth when tired to get more oxygen. However, Laird Hamilton and many professional athletes know that breathing through the nose offers more benefits. This is the only way to bring air into your diaphragm and improve blood flow. This takes practice when competing in sports but provides more energy.

Keeping calm is not just important during Yoga. Steady breathing relaxes the body and makes it easier to move. This is especially useful for those who participate in strenuous sports like boxing, surfing, skiing, or weight lifting.

Whether improving your endurance for a long ride or calming yourself before a big match, it is simple to enhance your breathing. Hold your breath while exercising, tread water or concentrate on breathing with your nose and with only nostril at a time. These exercises improve your lung capacity and give you a boost while playing sports.